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Binks MX™ Series Completely Redesigns Pumps
to Work to the MAX

(March 2010) Glendale Heights, IL - The new Binks MX™ series has redesigned pump technology to deliver maximum efficiency, durability, ease-of-use and versatility.

Using magnetic detent spool valve (patent pending) and quick dump air valve technologies, Binks MX pumps provide a fast acting responsive motor. Coupled with a durable, hard chrome plated stepped fluid rod section, the MX switches over at low pressures.

This dramatically smoothes pump operation and changeover with minimal pulse, allowing a "surge-free" paint delivery for the perfect finish. Ideal for single gun air-assisted airless spray operation with thin to medium viscosity materials, guns with the MX pump operate with less atomizing air, leading to less overspray, lower coating consumption and maximum transfer efficiency.

Binks MX pumps operate at 12:1 and 32:1 ratio delivering 0.4 GPM at 60 cycles per minute. Panel-mounted control gauges make the Binks MX comfortable to operate. Stainless steel wetted parts make the MX versatile in coating choices from solvent to water-based materials. Modular construction with dependable quality parts guarantee high performance and easy maintenance.

Available in cart-mount, wall-mount and tripod-mount outfits, Binks MX pumps work with Binks air assisted airless guns to allow operators to use lower fluid and air pressures to achieve superior finish.

Choose Binks equipment for the ultimate in spraying performance and comfortable design with built in durability and a long work life.

Features and benefits of the Binks MX™ Pump series include:

  • Magnetic detented spool valve design (patent pending) for quick stroke change0over with no pulse; uses less energy than traditional spring construction
  • Quick dump valve technology exhausts air fast for speedy pump switchover
  • Air motor switches over at low pressures with very little "wink"; minimizes gun’s shaping air to apply coating with less overspray
  • Stainless steel wetted parts and fluid section
  • Stall-resistant non-lubricated spool valve, even with dirty and wet air
  • Large sight glass for visual packing inspection
  • Self-adjusting spring-loaded packing for lower maintenance and running costs
  • Divorced pump design so paint cannot enter air motor
  • Durable construction for heavy duty long working life
  • Suitable for solvent or waterborne coatings
  • Typical coatings include: stains, sealer, topcoats, conversion varnishes, and PTSA catalyzed materials

Typical applications include:

  • Wood Furniture and Cabinets
  • Metal Fabrications
  • Off-Road Vehicles
  • Skips and Dumpsters
  • Bus and Truck Manufacturing including undercoating applications
  • Aviation and Aerospace

Binks pioneered the development of liquid spray finishing technology over 100 years ago and continues to set the standard for industrial spray finishing. For further information about Binks products, please call Customer Service at 1-800-992-4657.

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