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Application Versatility:

  • Sizes - Full Size and Touch Up
  • Spray Technologies - HVLP, LVMP (Compliant), Conventional
  • Fluid Nozzles and Needle set-ups - Tuff Tip Hardened Stainless Steel Nozzles, Tungsten Carbide, Plastic Tip Needles, and feathering needles
  • Available in Pressure Feed, Gravity Feed, and Siphon Feed

Ergonomic Design:

  • Lightweight
  • Curved handle for increased comfort
  • Oversized knobs and air cap ring for easy adjustments and maintenance
  • Soft trigger pull for reduced stress and fatigue
  • Smooth trigger pull for providing no-kickback during spraying

Robust Engineering:

  • Large stainless steel fluid passages for compatibility with industrial coatings
  • Long lasting brass inserts and seals
  • Hardened stainless steel fluid nozzles
  • Large air passages
  • Anodized forged aluminum gun body provides durability

HVLP Full Size Pressure

HVLP Full Size Siphon

HVLP Touch Up Gravity

HVLP Touch up Pressure

HVLP Full Size Gravity

LVMP Full Size Pressure

LVMP Full Size Gravity

LVMP Full Size Siphon

LVMP Touch up Pressure

LVMP Touch Up Gravity

CONVENTIONAL Full Size Pressure

CONVENTIONAL Full Size Gravity