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beyond accurate mixingtm

GEMStm is an advanced 2K mixing system using a simple design that combines an intuitive user touchscreen interface with data collection and analytics to improve finishing processes.

GEMS uncovers finishing process inefficiencies.

Our focus is on the repeatability and consistency of:

  • Production
  • Finish Quality
  • Film Thickness

We believe data is best used to ask better questions. If an outcome changed in one of the three key areas of focus, we want to understand what was different and why. GEMS collects information so meaningful adjustments can be made to improve your finishing process.

  • Tracks production details to better understand material and labor costs
  • Tracks color change & flush times
  • Tracks alarm history with time stamps

Take a couple of minutes to consider the following:

  • How are painter's performances compared? Can their differences be quantified?
  • After changes are made in your finishing process, how are the improvements quantified?
  • How difficult is it to obtain accurate data for lean manufacturing events held for the finishing process?
  • Is paint transfer efficiency tracked and how does it differ between painters?
  • How much paint and solvent waste are disposed each shift?
  • Do the changes in your paint budget reflect the changes in production?
  • What is the total operating cost (material, waste, labor) for your finishing process?
  • Are the finishing operating costs incorporated in the bill of materials (BOM's)?
Plant Managers

What continuous improvement projects are in place that will:

  • Increase production?
  • Improve consistency?
  • Reduce paint consumption and VOC emissions?
  • Understand accurate costs of your finishing process?
GEMS Simple ROI Calculator

GEMS Simple ROI Calculator

Does your facility have a liquid finishing process? Are urethanes, epoxies, or acid catalyzed coatings utilized?

If any of these plural component coatings are sprayed in your facility, then use our ROI Calculator for an estimation on how the Binks GEMS can reduce your material waste and save you money!

For an accurate reflection of your application costs please contact us to match you with one of our industry experts. Contact Us

Does your facility have a liquid finishing process? Are urethanes, epoxies, or acid catalyzed coatings utilized? If any of these plural component coatings are sprayed in your facility, then use the below ROI analysis for an estimation on how the Binks GEMS can reduce your waste and save you money.

Our top priority is manufacturing quality equipment designed for those that use & maintain our products.

Mixing equipment doesn't have to be complicated.

  • GEMS simple design is easy to learn and easy to teach
  • Industrial color touch screen provides straight forward navigation by incorporating graphic illustrations and pictorials
  • Step by step guide walks users through troubleshooting by providing specific instructions to reduce downtime

With the GEM's simple user interface, you can be painting in 5 easy steps.

Pressurize System

1 Pressurize system

Color Change Button

2Press color change button

Press Go

3Select color and press go button

Trigger Gun

4Trigger gun into approved and grounded container

Start Spraying

5Start spraying

Expanded Functionality

GEMS has a number of add-on accessories that can be used to enhance the functionality of the unit and your finishing operation. These can be provided on the unit at time of purchase or retro fitted at a later date.

.01In Booth Controls

Allows for in booth color change, flushing, and alarm reset.

Download Manual
.02Gun Flush Box

Increases user safety, reduces waste/color change times and minimizes labor.

Download Manual
.03Solvent Flow Meter

Measures the volume of solvent used through the system and allows for solvent usage analysis.

Download Manual
.04Flow Sensor

Detects air vs. fluid in hardener/catalyst line. Typically integrated with systems utilizing pressure tanks to feed hardener.

Download Manual

Attaches to standard wall bracket. Designed to be bolted to the floor.

Download Manual
.06Remote Mix manifold

Designed for 1 color applications to mix materials close to the applicator.

Download Manual
.07Stack Lights

2 Color stack light visually indicates alarms and spraying mode.

Download Manual
.08Atomization Air Cut Off

Automatically shuts off atomization air during flush and color change sequences.

Download Manual

technical specifications

Technical Machine Side
product manuals
Operation Manual Maintenance & Repair Manual Brochure
available models:
  • GEMS
  • GEMS 1000

features include:
  • Accurate Proportioning from 1.0:1-100.0:1
  • Programmable Air/Solvent Flush
  • 7" Color Industrial Touch Screen
  • On Screen Help Guide
  • Multiple Languages
  • Dispensing by Volume of Material
  • USB & Ethernet Connections
  • Built in FTP Server
  • Tracks up to 100,000 jobs
  • Data exports in .csv and .log formats


Max Working Air Pressure 105 psi
7.2 bar

Optimal Working Air Pressure 75-105 psi
5.2-7.2 bar

Max Inlet Fluid Pressure 250 psi
17.2 bar

Max Dispense Pump Flow Rate 10.1 or 20.3 oz/min
300 or 600 cc/m

Min Dispense Pump Flow Rate 0.07 or 0.7 oz/min
2 or 20 cc/min

"A" Side Flowmeter Range 1.3-64 oz/min
40-1900 cc/min

Operating Temperature Range 41-122 Fahrenheit
5-50 Celsius

System Weight 130-150 lbs.
59-68 Kg

Viscosity Range of Fluid 20-3000 cPs

Mixing Ratio Range 1:1 - 100:1

Ratio Tolerance Range Up to +/- 1%

Wetted Parts 300 series stainless steel, PTFE, perfluoro-elastomer, UHMW poly-ethylene

External Power Requirements 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz. 1.4 Amp, 16 AWG power supply wire gauge

Environmental Indoor use, pollution degree (2)

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Contact Us

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