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2100GW Plural Component Spray Gun  

2100GW Spray Gun


The 2100GW gun is a lightweight, hand-held, plural component spray gun for spraying limited applications of two-component materials, such gel-coats and polyesters.  The spray gun is operated in the conventional manner.  The trigger action starts, and stops, spraying both materials simultaneously.

Name: Model 2100GW

Part Number:  2101-4307-9GW (66SS x 66SD)
Part Number: 2101-5111-5GW (68SS x 68PB)

Gun Category: Conventional

Gun Type: Manual

Fluid Passages: Stainless Steel

Fluid Inlet: 3/8" NPS (M)

Air Inlet:  1/4" NPS (M)

Weight:  24 oz.

Construction:  Aluminum

Color:  Blue

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