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PT ASME Zinc Plated Lid/Shell  

PTASME SS Lid/Zinc Shell Description:

Zinc plated lid and all wetted parts in lid assembly and tank shell.  Use for solvent-borne materials.  Disposable liners available for ease of cleaning.  The following configurations are available:

  • 83C-210 - SIngle regulator, no agitation
  • 83C-220 - Double regulator, no agitation
  • 83C-211 - Single regulator, direct drive agitator
  • 83C-221 - Double regulator, direct drive agitator

Name: PT ASME Zinc Plated Lid/Shell
Part Number: 83C Series
Family: PT ASME Code Tanks
Type: Pressure Tank
Max Output Pressure: 80 PSi
Wetted Materials: Zinc Plated
Air Inlet: 1/4" NPS
Fluid Outlet:  3/8" NPS
Capacity: 2.8 Gallons
Fits Pail Size: accepts one gallon pails
Regulation: Single or Double
Agitator: Direct Drive or None
Liners: PT-78-K10 or K60
Bottom Outlet: None

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