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MX3523 for Air Assist Airless Applications  

MX4-12 <br />Pump System


3.5 gpm 23:1 Ratio
newly designed pump for air assist airless application. Packings and piston rods last up to 3X longer than the competition

Name:  MX3523 Stainless Steel Pump
Part Number:   MX3536PU-SAXXXX
Flow Rate (GPM) @ 15 c/m (continuous):   1.16
Flow Rate (GPM) @ 30 c/m (intermittent):   3.5
Air Inlet: 3/8” BSPP/NPS 9f)
Fuild Inlet:  1 ¼” NPT (f)
Fuild Outlet:  ¾” NPT (f)
Air Motor Spare Kit:  0115-010026
Fluid Section Repair Kit:  250659

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