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Gemini 1/2" Pail Mounted LP Pump  

gemini 12 pail mount lp


Reliable, affordable pump for the transfer of low pressure, high volume coatings. Pail mounted pump, pail, 2 regulators, agitator  and siphon tube included for pumping fluids from 5 gallon pails.

Name: Gemini 1/2" Pail Mounted LP Pump
Part Number: 818160 low pulse
Family: Diaphragm Pump 818831 
Type: Gemini
Max Output PRessure:  7 GPM (26.5 lpm) low pulse
Wetted Materials: Acetal, PTFE
Fuild Out: 20 - 100 psi (1 - 6.9 bar)
Flow Curve: 1.2 GPM ( 9 liters) at 60 Cycles/Min.
Fits Pail Size: for 5 gallon pails
Regulation:  2 Regulators
Agitator:  None

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