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The unit consists of a lower fluid and upper air chamber separated by a flexible moulded composite diaphragm.  The air chamber is supplied with compressed air via an air intensifier; the pressure maintains an equal pressure with the fluid pressure.  The upper air chamber is extended to increase its volume with the use of an air reservoir. The lower fluid chamber allows the material to flow through and thus allowing easy flushability.



Name: Surge Eliminator Active Flushable
Part Number:  104050P-X-X
Family: Pump Accessories
Type: Surge Eliminator
Air Connection: 1/8"
Fluid Connection: See Table

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Inlet/Outlet Fitting Selection Table


Suffix  Part Number  Description  Remarks 
 A  192553  Fitting -M45 x Slip Flange Assembly  DN 50 BS4504 PN16
 B  192554  Fitting -M45 x 2" Sanitary  Standard
 C  192555  Fitting -M45 x 1 1/2" Sanitary  Standard
 D  192556  Fitting -M45 x 1 1/2"NPT (F)  
 E  192557  Fitting -M45 x 1 1/2" BSPT (F)  
 F  192558  Fitting -M45 x 42mm Compression Coupling  
 G  192559  Fitting -M45 x 1 1/4" BSP (H)  
 H  192560  Fitting -M45 x 1 1/2" BSP (H)  DIN 2353
 L  192564  Fitting -M45 x 1" Sanitary  Standard
 X    No Fittings Supplied  Internal Use