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An electrical detection system is usually installed (pressure switch or pressure sensor) to detect and stop the pump when a potentially damaging high paint pressure is reached. This could be due to an inadvertent closing of an outlet ball valve, paint filter blockage or paint line restriction.  The Pressure relief valve is a purely mechanical device and intended to complement the primary electrical safety device which must be installed.  The mechanical relief valve can be easily installed directly on the pump outlet manifold. Any relieved paint pressure is piped back into the mix tank.

Name: Pressure Relief Valve
Part Number: PRV22-X-XX
Family: Pump Accessories
Type: Relief Valve
Relief Port Connection: 3/4" Hose Connector or 1"Sanitary
Cracking Pressure: 320 PSI

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Part Number PRV22-U-10 (was 104048)  PRV22-U-15 (was 104048) PRV22-U-20 (was 104049) PRV22-S-10 PRV22-S-15 PRV22-S-20
Inlet/Outlet Connection 1" Sanitary 1 1/2" Sanitary  2" Sanitary 1" Sanitary 1 1/2" Sanitary 2" Sanitary
Relief Port Connection   3/4" NPS     1" Sanitary