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The ‘back pressure’ regulator responds to the changes in system fluid pressure, (due to variable paint usage) by dynamically adjusting to maintain the set pressure, thus maintaining the required system back pressure.
If the pressure in the system drops below the regulated level (system demand exceeds pump supply rate) then the valve will close down to a minimum.




Name: Low Shear Back Pressure Regulator 3/4"
Part Number: 107757-X-X, 107758-X-X
Family: Pump Accessories
Type: Fluid Regulator

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Inlet/Outlet Fitting Selection Table

Part Number  Description  Remarks 
 R  192722  Fitting - M28 x 3/4" Sanitary  
 S  192723  Fitting - M28 x 1" Sanitary  Standard
 T  192724  Fitting - M28 x 3/4" NPT(F)  Standard
 U  192725  Fitting - M28 x 3/4 BSPT (F)  Standard
 V  192726  Fitting - M28 x 28mm Compression Coupling  
 W  192727  Fitting - M28 x 3/4" BSP (H)