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Binks MX412 Lite Air Assist Airless PumpBinks Announces the New MX Lite Pump/Gun

The MX412 12:1 package is the economial solution for excellent air assisted spray paint finishing. Compared to the competition, the efficient MX412 Lite (.8 oz. per cycle) is an outstanding value, delivering 33% more fluid per cycle than the competition.  These are top of the line paint spraying systems.

Binks EMS


The Binks EMS (Electronic Mix Solutions) handles ratios from 1:1 to 100:1 with hardener/catalyst flow rates as low as 2 CC's (0.07 ounces) per minute. The programmable flush feature saves up to 65% of daily solvent usage vs. other entry level 2K systems.

Binks Maple 30 PumpBinks Introduces the New Maple Pump

The Maple pumps handle the most troublesome coatings including high solids to UV to moisture sensitive to shear sensitive to CARC. The Maple family is the industry leader for paint spray equipment because of its reliable operation, simple maintenance and hydraulic efficiency.

MX Challenger PR

MX Pump series completely redesigned pump to work to max

The Binks MX Pump has redesigned pump technology to deliver maximum efficiency, durability, ease-of-use and versatility. Using magnetic detent spool valve (patent pending) and quick dump air valve technologies, Binks MX pumps provide a fast active responsive motor. Coupled with a durable, hard chrome-plated stepped fluid rod section the MX switches over at low pressures.

free receptor filter offer

Trial Offer

Seeing is believing! Request a FULL-SIZE FREE sample of Binks new Receptor™ filters - made from recycled green PET soda bottles. This offer is good only in the U.S. and Canada.

Binks Airless 75 Spray Paint GunBinks INTRODUCES AIRLESS 75 AIRLESS Industrial SPRAY GUN

Binks Introduces the Airless 75 (7500 PSI) Professional Airless Spray Paint Gun.  This Airless 7500 PSI industrial paint spray technology s built to survive the roughest working conditions using an operator-friendly stress reducing design. Available in external stainless steel fluid tube, direct connect, or 75M with larger 3/8" fluid inlet for fibrous materials.